This episode is proudly sponsored by Indigenous Business Australia who serves, partners and invests with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to own their own future.

On episode 67 of the podcast, I interview my fourth guest of the IBA partnership series.I yarn with proudYugarawoman LyndaMaybanks, from Ipswich. Lynda is passionate about improving social outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through revivingYugaraculture and restoringYugaracountry with her business,WirrinyahConservation Services.

“Wirrinyah” means coming back inYugaralanguage. It represents the ongoing revival ofYugaraways of caring for country.Wirrinyahfocuses on working with businesses, Government and landowners in Southeast Queensland to restore our natural areas, conserve our native species and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage sites for the enjoyment of all Australians.

Lynda believes that current conservation efforts can benefit from traditional knowledge by having people with connection to country involved in projects. “I believe that business ownership can enable self-determination and improve social and economic outcomes for our people. My businessWirrinyahPty Ltd brings all of these beliefs together.”

We find out howWirrinyahConservation Services came about, what role IBA played in that and how IBA supported Lynda on her business journey.A really good listenthat tiesinperfectly with our2021NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’.Episode 67 drops tomorrow!

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