This episode is proudly sponsored by Indigenous Business Australia who serves, partners and invests with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to own their own future. Episode 69 of the podcast is the 5thinstalment of the Indigenous Business Australia series and it’s an absolute pleasure to yarn with mother and daughter duo, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood. Melissa and Lauren hail from the Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, and Bundjalung tribes of Australia’s East Coast and are the founders of the Australian art business Miimi & Jiinda.

Miimi & Jiinda’s aim is to create beautiful, unique artworks that connect with the world. They are passionate about painting pieces that reflect their own personal stories and unique journeys as Indigenous women. Their creations endeavour to uplift and inspire our senses, spark conversations, and bring light to important issues. For both mother and daughter, their art has been a powerful medium for healing intergenerational trauma.

As proud Gumbaynggirr custodians, Lauren and Melissa love to share their interpretations of Country, which spring from their own personal cultural identities as Aboriginal women. During our amazing yarn, we find out how the IBA Accelerator program helped take Miimi & Jiinda to the next level and some of their valuable takeaways of completing the program. A great insight to their business and personal lives.

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