On Episode 76 of the podcast I had the absolute pleasure of yarning with Kendall Macdowell and Hayley Dickinson from Eat For You, a business that makes delicious, raw, organic wholefood snacks with a vision to deliver generational change in health outcomes. 

Hayley and Kendall believe it’s their job to take us back to basics, before we move forward. Back to the pillars of real food, movement, sleep and community. Back to our foundation for longevity. A place where health and healing resides in abundance, no matter what life stage we are in. Why? Because everyone deserves to feel like this. And it’s our responsibility to pay it forward to future generations, using what we’ve learned from those who’ve come before us.

Eat For You offer Delicious and simple recipes so you can DIY and Pre-made food that is delicious, made using whole ingredients that are minimally processed and handled in a way that is as close to nature as possible. Eat For You also have a commitment to return 50% of their company profits in food donations, community and individual grants, research, and more.

Wow!! How deadly is that?! If you haven’t tasted one of their delicious wholefood bars head to @eatforyou for more info! I can attest, I have one a day and they are hands down the best snack food I have ever tasted! Not to mention how nutritious they are! YuUUmm!

Ok…back to the podcast! We had a really amazing yarn, once again on the deck of my home on lush Kabi Kabi Country. We ALSO had a very special guest join us. Uncle Benny Mills!! We shared many stories, laughs and insight into Hayley and Kendalls amazing journeys which led to the creation of Eat For You.  

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