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Francoise Lane is an artist and textile designer that helps lovers of standout textiles and pattern by creating unique textiles inspired by stories of connection to country. Her goal is that her textiles will bring joy to your home and put a delightful spring in your step when you wear them.

Francoise Lane is a Torres Strait Islander woman whose maternal family are from Kerriri. She identifies as both Meriam and Kaurareg. She is married to Andrew Lane and together they are Indij Design; a 100% indigenous owned, award winning architectural and design practice based in Cairns and operating since 2011. In 2013 Francoise developed artworks inspired by her connection to the Torres Strait Islands and exploration of visually storytelling.

Her artworks have been adapted into repeat patterns and specified for upholstery and applied art to architectural designed structural screens. Expanding on the application of the design prints Francoise is designing a feminine A-line dress for women who have lived a loved life, in exclusively designed textiles. She has also designed fashion accessories integrating design elements of the textile art.

“I’m instinctively drawn to subjects whereby patterns can create their own ‘energy’ on a canvas. As an example ‘Sardines under the Wharf’ on a large canvas creates a visual play of movement, like the stylised fish are swimming (pictured above).”

Originally developed as artworks they have been converted into design repeats suitable for textile applications and applied art to the built environment.

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