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Darren Blackman is a proud Gureng GurengGangalu man with maternal South Sea heritage (from Vanuatu) and was born in Nambour, Sunshine Coast.


With a range of practical skills and approaches to art making, Darren generally specialises in printmaking and ceramics but also undertakes improv performance, music and painting. He has wide experience in the arts, as a musician but also as a stage manager and sound technician for cultural festivals from Woodford to Winds of Zenadth Kes festival on Thursday Island. He assisted students as studio technician at Cairns TAFE and iscurrently working for the senior artists at the Wik and Kugu Art Centre in Aurukun.


Growing up in a main stream community on the Sunshine Coast during the corrupt Bjelke- Peterson State Governement era, constant negative news cycles concerning first nations people, biased policing and Government policy drives Blackmans expression. His work centres around circumstances evoved from a post colonial system, that censors truth while opresses the sovereign rights of his clan.

Language is a powerful tool that is used by institutions to influence, write law and imbed false narratives into the Australian psyche. In the form of text, Blackman uses language in a variety of interpretations to pick apart falsehoods and policies, while passing on messages from elders, that he reworks into contemporary artworks for the future generations of his clan, and the wider community to consider.


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