Mayála-Bol is a social enterprise focused on holistic social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations women and youth in Darwin, NT.

We are 100% Aboriginal owned and run for the purpose of wellness & healing for First Nations women.

They develop and facilitate holistic wellbeing workshops, culturally safe healing circles and wellbeing resources. Mayála-Bol was co-created by Noni Eather and Menah Mckenzieaim to encourage and increase Social & emotional wellbeing protective factors via mindfulness, story telling and creating space for connections.

Noni is recognised as Njawámud/Godjan belonging to Kunibídji / Kunbarlang families in the west Arnhemland, balancing French anglo-celtic lineage.Noni’s life includes manoeuvring between the city of Meanjin (Brisbane) with her fathers guidance around artists and creatives of the ‘Campfire Group’ collective and also her mothers homelands of and around remote coastal community Maningrida. The fusion of two different world-views embedded into her realities has allowed Noni a unique insight as well as lived experience which she is learning to harness, to work towards bridging gaps and cross-cultural connections. She acknowledges the privilege gained from mainstream opportunities & education alongside matrilineal responsibilities in community via relationships, families, language and environment. She also recognises the challenges in these spaces.

Menah Mckenzie known as Bulanjyan is from the community of Maningrida of West Arnhem Land.

Following her fathers side she belongs to the Anbarra Diyama people and speaks the Burarra language. Her mothers lineage tracks to central Australia and to the Kimberley’s in Western Australia. Menah proudly holds bloodlines from saltwater to Desert. Menah has worked in community services, Youth work, suicide prevention and event work for many years. Developing and delivering a vast arrange of workshops to youth across Arnhem Land & the Darwin region including social and emotional wellbeing, sexual health, women’s Empowerment, youth re-engagement, Leadership workshops, & music and song writing.

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