Lisa Sarago is a proud Yidinji/Yalanji woman and the CEO leading the Goanna Group which includes Goanna Solutions, Goanna Solutions Education, and Yapang (charitable organisation). Goanna is a unique brand and boasts the ability to provide education to employment for diverse cohorts, with Goanna Education being the only Indigenous ICT RTO operating in Australia.

Working across many industries, Lisa started her career in Queensland Government, and led teams in a variety of programs. Lisa was integral as a trailblazer in advocating for and supporting the establishment and development of various community-based organisations and initiatives across the Cape York, Torres Strait and broader Queensland communities.

A focus across all of her roles has always centred around strong leadership and advocating for disadvantaged groups to access services and opportunities. Bringing this passion to the digital sector focusing her efforts on ensuring disadvantaged and marginalised groups have access to training and employment opportunities.

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