This episode is proudly supported by Monash University, promoting the Masters of Indigenous Business Leadership program, delivered by Monash Business School & The William Cooper Institute.

The Master of Indigenous Business Leadership, is a cross-disciplinary program with leading units delivered by Monash Business School, complemented by a tailored offering in design thinking, together with a mastery unit from Law.

The partnership series features interviews with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander past and current students, staff and guest speakers from the program.

William is a proud Nucoorilma, Anaiwan and Dunghutti man, born and raised in the Western Sydney suburbs. He is a kinship carer for his two gorgeous nieces and has an incredible Brazilian partner. William currently resides and works on Gadigal Country where he has the honour of raising his family.

A skilled and dedicated professional with a passion for storytelling, social entrepreneurship, collaboration, and facilitation, he is a social change advocate with a focus on promoting First Nations economic development, circular economics, stakeholder engagement, relationship management, and innovative program development.

As a founder and director of Yarnnup, William is committed to building the capacity of First Nations participation and developing courses to build cultural capability by blending neuroscience, Aboriginal philosophy, and ancient knowledge to improve engagement between the wider community and First Nations Australians. He is spearheading Yarnnup’s vision to be the first choice for advisory and training services nationally, and his expertise and dedication are invaluable to the success of this mission.

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